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  • Build Your Strongest Body: Whether you’re sculpting your beach body, perfecting your downward-facing dog or rehabbing a niggling injury, the SculptBody™ Resistance Bands will help you get there. 
  • Take Your Training to The Next Level: Sure resistance bands are ideal for toning and strengthening your muscles, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Mix it up by using our versatile bands for stretching to increase your mobility and flexibility.
  • Built to Last: We know that you show up day in, day out so we wanted our bands to do the same. SculptBody™ Bands are constructed from tough high-grade latex and are designed with longevity in mind. 
  • Suitable For All Fitness Levels: Fitness and yoga enthusiasts of all levels have reported the benefits of adding yogi bands into their training. From people who have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before to advanced athletes and elite yogis, the different resistance bands allow you to adjust the intensity of the exercise.